Find answers to common questions about our custom cabinets

Frequently asked questions 

The process of cabinet designing and construction is more complicated than you might expect. The design process includes several stages. Therefore, prior to contacting us, we suggest taking some time to study the following FAQs. This will give you a better perspective into what goes into the process and how we work and collaborate with our clients. Below, you’ll find answers to the most common questions, and after reading them you’ll be aware of the general principles that guide our company and our design and build processes.
Our managers look forward to meeting with you for a personal consultation, to answer your questions and discuss the details of your project. So, be ready to describe your vision for your space in detail. furniture in the smallest details.

Does your company have a showroom?

Yes, our showroom is located at 111 Buck Rd, Unit 700 Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006. You are invited to visit our showroom to see the quality of our workmanship and examine some of our high-quality and durable finished products.

How much time does it take to produce a custom cabinet when I make an order?

Our talented staff typically complete your custom order within two weeks. Remember,  ordering custom furniture is less expensive and takes less time to produce and install than ordering pre-fabricated products from outside of the U.S.

How much time do you need to create a design after receiving my request?

We typically will complete the design and layout within several days. During this time, we collect all the necessary information and visit the installation site to take measurements of your space.

Do you visit homes to take measurements?

Yes, this is an important step in the creation of your product. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we offer  remote measurements for clients who do not want to avoid in-person contact. Speak with our team for details on scheduling a virtual visit.

Who installs the furniture?

Our team includes skilled installers who install the furniture in your space and ensure proper fitment and functionality. However, if you already have a contractor, you’re free to have them complete the install.

Does the company offer discounts for contractors/builders?

Yes, our pricing policy includes special offers for trade professionals. Contact our managers for more details.

What are your principles and your approach to design?

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in that we strive to create an alternative between our clients’ requests and our professional vision gained through years of construction trades experience. Our experience provide our clients with a high-quality, durable product that will ensure years of enjoyable use. We take our clients vision and desires for their space and combine them with our knowledge and experience to ensure their ideas produce a longer-life furniture product.

Do you provide repairs of existing cabinetry services?

No, our company deals with custom furniture design and creation  only.

Are your cabinets spacious enough to fit my dishes?

Our cabinetry has enough space to fit standard dishes. However, we modify our products to each client’s specific needs, ensuring long-term happiness with the custom cabinets. This is the main benefit of custom furniture design. We can design the product of any size, and you’ll be sure that your dishes will fit.

My kitchen is odd-shaped. Will your products fit?

Yes! We design custom products specific to your space. Each furniture item is unique and created according to unique room dimensions and layout.

How long does it take to create custom furniture for my kitchen?

Typically, it takes 2-3 weeks from design to finished custom cabinetry.

Do you provide a whole range of kitchen remodeling services?

Our team consists of designers, builders and craftsmen. We can advise you on picking the right furniture style for your space. We will design custom cabinets and install them in your kitchen.

Do you keep items in stock?

As custom cabinet builders, rthe aw materials used for furniture production are kept in stock. This allows your custom-made product to begin building as soon as the design stage is completed.

Is it possible to add some decorative details to my existing cabinetry?

Yes. We may even locate the materials and hardware that match and complement the existing design of your space.

What makes customcabinetdepot.com unique?

We produce custom-made furniture according to your specific measurements and requirements. There are no size restrictions. We provide a faster turnaround time since our company is located in the USA.

What budget size is required to order custom-designed products from your company?

We’ll find an affordable solution for any budget. Price is not an obstacle to a comfortable and happy home lifestyle.

We have already contracted with another contractor/designer. Can you work with them?

Yes, we are happy to collaborate with other companies to design the best interior foryour space and achieve the results that you are looking for.

Do you offer unfinished furniture?

No, because we offer a warranty, we sell and install only finished, high-quality cabinets. These are durable products without defects.

Do you produce kitchen islands?

Yes, we offer kitchen islands. This type of furniture is constructed of a cabinet below, topped by one of our stone countertops. We offer stone countertops to compliment any design, including kitchen islands.

I’ve developed a design. Can I contact you to estimate it?

Yes, we can help estimate your project. Contact us at (215) 305.9268.